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e420 engine, good deal?
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Posted 3/5/2010 8:32 PM

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e420 engine, good deal?

Scouting the junkyards today I came upon a complete 95 e420, with light damage to the right front. It's a running/driving unit, and the yard would let me have it for $600 package deal, inc engine/trans and all bolt on accessories, etc. The kicker is the car has 212k miles, but looked very clean in and out, and especially the engine, no leaks could be found, at least topside. It was burried in the dirt so I couldn't see underneath.

My question is, how do these engines/trans(I assume this is a 722.3) hold up with this many miles and should I snatch it up. I would be installing this in my 86 W460 GWagen. I just finished a 617a install and am not really impressed. Thanks.
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Posted 3/22/2013 1:18 PM

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RE: e420 engine, good deal?

Hi I have a 95 e 420 250,000 km. its a nice engine but just recently the timing chain skipped a tooth seems that the chain was stretched and the guides were worn, so I replaced the guides and chain when the chain jumped a tooth it cracked the valve cover. Another problem I had was the wiring harness needed to be replaced as the plastic coating became brittle and fell off
but once I got it back it together ran great.
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