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Removing Set Screw for Front Brake Discs
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Posted 8/14/2023 11:46 AM

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Removing Set Screw for Front Brake Discs

Rookie question here. I have about 90k miles on my 2015 463 and its due for new rotors. When I took everything apart at around 86k miles I couldn't get the set screw off the front rotors. It was starting to look like I might round off the set screw so I chickened out and left it alone. I only replaced the rear rotors but the front rotors are still the original (I just slapped new brake pads on all 4 wheels and flushed the brake lines).

I have since purchased new set screws and extractors (in case I have to drill out the old set screws). I noted the new screws have green locktite on them. My experience with green locktite is removal is going to require either heat or acetone.

What do you folks use to get that set screw off?

Thanks for your help!
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Posted 10/3/2023 4:58 PM
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Re: Removing Set Screw for Front Brake Discs

I use an old impact screwdriver similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Powerbuilt-Extractor-Slotted-Phillips-Screwdr...

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