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1999 Mercedes G500 - Bordeaux red - JDM
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Posted 10/16/2023 12:52 AM

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1999 Mercedes G500 - Bordeaux red - JDM

Up for sale is my 1999 Mercedes G500. It is a rare color combo of Bordeaux red exterior and grey leather interior. The factory exterior color name is Titan Red Metallic. This car was originally sold for the Japan market and export documentation in the years prior to export show origin in Yokohama Japan. It was imported to Canada around 2017. I acquired the G in October 2022 and imported it to the USA in December of 2022. I have US customs paperwork and all associated documents. The vehicle now shows just under 126k km and is in excellent overall condition. All maintenance is up to date and any buyer should feel comfortable driving this across country to New York or Florida.

1998 is the first year of the G500 and is without steering wheel buttons or additional electronic features which were added in 2000 and even more so in 2001/2002. The motor is the venerable m113 and the 5 speed 722.6 transmission makes this one of the best drive train combinations ever built by Mercedes. The naturally aspirated V8 makes approx 300HP and has deep torque reserves that makes driving on steep slick rock or deep sand an effortless and incredibly enjoyable experience.

I currently own 4 G-class vehicles including 2 1999 G500s and another Europa 2000 G500. This iteration of the Gwagon is in my opinion the greatest G ever made. Mostly available in the USA as Europa corporate imports. There were 360 Europa G500s sold here under their brand name. The Europa G500s had significant EPA and DOT changes made to them in order to comply with US standards.

This Japanese G500 does not have the EPA modifications and is not susceptible to the common evap error codes which plague many of the Europa G500s. Simple DOT compliance changes were made to the vehicle prior to importation resulting in a seamless importation process. There is no ESP or modern driving interferences which affect the driving experience and can negatively impact the use of larger tires or suspension lift. Unlike the earlier 463 models, the G500 can push a larger tire without any noticeable power loss or change in braking response. It is a fantastic vehicle and is the pinnacle of Gwagen engineering. Simple electronics, modern and powerful naturally aspirated V8, combined with classic real wood interior panels and old style switch/relay systems make this a rare and hard to find example of some of the best Gwagons ever made.

Since purchasing this vehicle, it has undergone some significant repairs that were unable to be solved by previous owners rendering the G even more reliable and without concerns in daily operation.
Recent work includes replacement 463 G500 instrument cluster with reprogramming to vehicle data as well as removal of windshield with repaint and sealing of gasket to body.

Recent mechanical maintenance include engine oil and filter change, TC and diff service, and brake and locker fluid flush. The water pump and alternator have also been replaced recently by prior owner.

This car has a number of desirable options including a heated windshield which is one of my favorite and most coveted options. The pre-existing sedan steering wheel was recently replaced with a 1999 Europa burl walnut steering wheel along with a burl wood transfer case shifter. Original Japan radio is not compatible with North American frequencies and has been replaced with a Continental head unit which functions well. A German made Becker BE6003 Audio 30 radio is offered as a replacement and is the original radio model used on the 1999 Europa G500. The CD changer is not present, but I have the correct one available if desired.

The wheels are original Ashtaroth 18" wheels with ET 63mm and Continental 4 season tires. A set of 18" late 1990s AMG G-class wheels are available as an option if desired. The AMG wheels include stock 265/60 BFG AT tires with less than 5000 miles of use.

I have not taken this G off-road, but all 3 lockers were tested and work well, having been recently serviced. There are no 4x4 or overlanding modifications on this car and it is sold in essentially stock condition. I have attached a number of photos and will add more in the coming week.

This car is rust free and is up to date in all maintenance items.

Some service records, Carfax from Oct 2022, and Japanese Yanase sales brochures from 1999/2000 are available and included.

The vehicle price is $60,000.

Local PPI in Portland Oregon is no problem and I would recommend Hartmann motors for this.
Please reach out to me if you have any questions.






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Posted 10/18/2023 8:58 PM

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RE: 1999 Mercedes G500 - Bordeaux red - JDM

Wowza, beautiful.
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