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Repair of door wood trim fastener
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Posted 5/10/2024 12:04 AM

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Repair of door wood trim fastener

The small wood trim piece on the 1990-2000 463 covers the mounting screw for the forward door handle attachment. On the back side of the wood trim is a plastic strip that has 2 integral plastic studs. These plastic studs commonly fail and the user ends up adding double stick tape, velcro, or some other method of attachment.

The plastic strip has a part number of A4637270211.

I made an all metal version today that should last a long time.

I cut some strips of aluminum from an old clipboard. drilled 2 holes in the appropriate place using the plastic piece as a guide. Then I epoxied some roofing screws thru the hole and fastened it to the rear of the wood trim. The diameter of the steel nail was a bit small, so I added 2 layers of wiring heat shrink tubing to get the correct amount of mounting resistance.

Here are a few photos.




Attachments Parts.jpg (110KB - 0 downloads)
Attachments TrimStrip.jpg (83KB - 0 downloads)
Attachments TrimStrip2.jpg (161KB - 0 downloads)
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